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It is only when you pause and take stock and see how far some technologies have come in recent years that you fully appreciate the opportunities available with digital maps. Google maps has become for many, the de facto standard for placing your business at a location.

With this integrated design it provides you with the ability to control the look and provide your information with a map with directions. The directions are personal to the person accessing the map. They are from where you are setting off. For those of us who grew up with paper A-Z’s and having to ask someone walking along the pavement for directions this is an amazing revolution.

If You Have More Than One Location To Promote…

The Golf tab illustrates how you can create your own categories and then give them a shout out.

For low volume applications there is no cost from Google. If your volumes are considerable then there is a charge for this feature from Google for the website hosting business, it is free for the user accessing the directions.

If this is of interest to you please get in touch using the contact form or call 0121 458 2665 or if you prefer text 07980 656 787