Woodrush Community High School

formerly The Woodrush High School

The Woodrush Community High SchoolShawhurst Lane
B47 5JW

Head teacher Mr C King

Tel: 0844 477 1814
Fax: 0844 477 1812

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Woodrush School Reunion class of 1957 - 67 in a 50 year Reunion of Woodrush School Opening

Woodrush School First 10 years Reunion 1957-1967 will take place on Sunday 12 October 2008 between 4:00pm - 7:00pm at Woodrush Rugby Club. Former pupils from that era are invited to come along and meet old school friends and Teachers.

Staff from era would love to meet pupils from same era at Woodrush Rugby Club. For details contact Mr A Smith on Tel: 01564 822063 or Mr Mike Betts on Tel: 01214451105 or E -Mail address below.

alan.smith353@virgin.net or

After School Club at Woodrush High School

Junction 3

Junction 3 is a new after school club at The Woodrush High School for young people in year 7 and 8. It offers a wide range of activities which can be seen in the time table below. Junction 3 runs Monday to Friday form 3.00pm until 5.30pm. As well as a range of activities Junction 3 also offers homework support to the young people.

Junction 3 is run by trained staff and the activities run by professionals.

Stage 3 Ever wanted to be on stage? Well at stage – 3 you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of a variety of shows as well as learning new acting skills through fun games and activities! It’s not just about acting! You can get involved in lighting, building sets, directing and writing

Pixel 3 Fancy being director or photographer of a school magazine? Or how would you like to get involved in making a short film? Well at Pixel – 3 you can! Here you can learn how to develop pictures, be a camera or sound person, edit a film and much much more!

Energy 3 Ever wanted to learn how to break-dance? Or would you like the idea of street drumming? Perhaps you would like to improve your football, basketball or badminton skills! Well look no further, Energy – 3 offers you the chance to have a go at all these activities and many more

Extreme 3 Ever fancied rock climbing or kayaking? Ever wanted to have a go at archery or sailing? Well at Extreme -3 you can do all these activities and many more! As well as having fun doing these extreme sports you are also able to gain many qualifications through learning the techniques and skills! You never know you may be able to become a professional climber or canoeist!

Feed 3 Ever wondered what a 'Dragon fruit is'? Or if chicken would taste the same if you dyed it blue? Then wonder no more! Feed-3 offers you the chance to experiment and cook with food in a different way!

Chill 3 After a week at school Chill – 3 gives you a chance to relax and choose from a variety of activities, such as playing pool, table tennis, play station or simply watching T.V. If you fancy taking part in a pool or table tennis competition then this is all available at Chill – 3! You do not need to be the best at any of these activities just come and have a go!!

For more information please contact Miss Faye Parker.
email: fep482@bham.ac.uk
Tel: 0772 920 1183


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