Police Law and Order

  • Emergencies "999"
  • None emergencies Wythall Police Station 0300 333 3000

Police Surgery - Tuesday Wythall Library

If you have any issues with regard to policing and security in the Wythall area PC Thornton is available Tuesday evenings in Wythall Library between 5-7p.m.

Can you help catch these mindless vandals?

Nursery children have been left devastated after heartless vandals ransacked their outdoor play area.

St Mary's pre school playgroup, which is based at St Aidan's Church, Wythall, was attacked around the end of September 1st October, and the damage was only discovered when children were out collecting acorns for a project.

Supervisor Chimaine Ross explained trees had been broken along the back of the play area, blocking their access to the store where they keep their out-door toys.

The fence and gates have been smashed and toys that are kept in the play area were thrown around, filthy and broken. The damage is estimated to be hundreds of pounds.

"We can't use the outdoor play area at all," said Chimaine. "It's not safe.

The pre-school looks after 20 tots per session aged from two to five years.

The pre-school is now appealing for support from readers to help raise funds or donate materials to kick off their repair project. Contact them by calling 01564 823374.

School Watch

School watch is being launched to protect local schools from

  • Break ins
  • Vandalism
  • Anti Social behaviour

If you see anything which needs stopping in and around schools please contact the police on 0300 333 3000 for minor matters and 999 for serious incidents.

High visibility patrols will be used to combat crime in schools that costs the police and local authority thousands of pounds each year.

Schools are a vital part of our community and everyone is encouraged to help keep them safe and secure.

Wythall Police Station - Adress

Wythall Police Station
385 - 387 Alcester Road
B47 6JL

- is not manned 24/7 but there is often a police officer stationed here. There has been much debate in Wythall as to the number of police officers who should be stationed here and available.

As always resources are scarce and it is the case that the police station is not open round the clock - for serious police issues ring 999.

For more minor matters ring 0300 333 3000 -

Subject to the extension not being engaged you should be through to an officer at Wythall Police Station - the benefit of this is that the 0300 333 3000 number is answered at a police call centre and they simply do not have the local knowledge when discussing the area whereas the officers at Wythall Police Station at least will understand where you are describing.

The local police are managed from Bromsgrove.

Currently the police are looking for an active volunteer to help man Wythall Police Station should you wish to volunteer

A cross the country excess speed is an issue for more information speedaware highlights traffic hot spots.


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