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Free Listings!...For not for profit organisations...

If you are a not profit organisation then please request a free listing and subject to approval Wythall.Info will provide a link and details of your organisation.

Basic Free Listings!

Local businesses can also have a basic free listing which will include business name and one telephone number.

A link to your website from the directory £25

Link from the directory to your websiteA link to your website from the directory is £25. (subject to your website being suitable for general viewing).

Premier Links Listing from £59

Premier Links ListingPremier listings are available on each page subject to a maximum of 4 listings per page these are from £59 subject to position. This is a chance for a:-

  • Headline
  • Text hyperlink to a landing page of your choice
  • The domain name of your website

Ideal if you already have a website and : -

  • Are looking to make it more visible
  • Reach people in Wythall and surrounding areas

Wythall.Info will help increase your exposure - Wythall.Info has been built to be search engine friendly - try this test

Please supply a: -

  • Heading
  • Landing page if different to the home page
  • Words for the listing
  • Your web address

Enhanced Listing

Enhanced Lising Whitehouse and Co.Enhanced listing this is where your business / organisation is featured and then there is a link through to a page exclusive to you. This page will be fully searchable by search engines - so for a number of users this may meet their needs for a web presence. This could include your own pictures text etc - perfect for those wanting to dip their toe in the water without committing themselves too deeply. Pricing starting from £89.

Ideal if you have not got a website at present and feel that a page would help you promote your business - everyone needs a web presence - not everyone needs a full website. This is a great opportunity to get on line quick.

Working together we will help create a suitable page.

Business Tips is an example of a featured company - Whitehouse and Co.

The above are for 12 month listings renewable 12 months of from your advert going live.

Need a full website

If you need a website no problem - just remember not all websites are equal - some are "search engine friendly and some are not" as much of the traffic on your website will arrive via search engines do not ignore this fact. - Miraquel AKA Website-Doctor only supply search engine friendly websites.

No problem

  • Hosting
  • Email
  • Advice

Wythall.Info can develop a sensible website as part of your overall business plan. There are plenty of fantastic graphic artists and designers around but unless you want to showcase their talents then they often do not produce websites which are:-

  • Part of a sensible business plan
  • Not search engine friendly indeed many do not comply with suggested guidelines
  • They are not easy to update

Our approach will help you get established quickly and efficiently - please do get in touch to find out more.

Register a domain name

If you simply want to register a domain name (perhaps you want to pursue a business idea Wythall.Info can do that and provide a few words on your home page until you are ready to move your project forward. names £45 .com £55

If you want web space...

If you want to build your own website then Wythall.Info can provide web hosting - please discuss your needs with us - if you let Wythall.Info register your domain name you could have a website up and running within a week.

All pricing includes VAT - all receipts will be sent as PDFs and payment must be received before your listing can take place - payment can be either through PayPal or by cheque or cash.

If you prefer a paper receipt please add £1.50 to the fee.

Any questions please do contact Wythall.Info

If you have a contribution

Free listing
Business name + 1 Tel. No.
Business name one Tel. No.
plus Link to your website £25
Premier Link listing £59
Enhanced listing from £89
Name of business organisation
Title (Mr Mrs etc.)
First Name
Last Name
Business / organisation type
Contact Tel. No.
web address if applicable
Landing page if applicable
Any comments?
- the box will expand to take more text


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