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Wythal & District German Shepherd Dog Club Wythall Carnival and Dog Show 12.30pm Sun 15 August News Release 01/090810 What Wythall & District German Shepherd Dog Club Fun and obedience classes at Wythall Dog Show & Carnival When 12.30-3.30pm on Sun 15 August Where Wythall Park, 52 Silver Street, Wythall. Birmingham West Midlands. B47 6LZ

Matthew Downes adopted Harry a young German Shepherd Dog who was rescue dog. Living in Birmingham and working in Wythall things are good for the young man and his dog. However as Harry got bigger and older Matthew found that his pet was harder to handle as he got more and more distracted and unfocused. When considering what sort of training Harry would need Matthew decided that Harry would benefit most from specific GSD training so he joined the Wythall & District GSD Club. Matthew said "I needed to find some training as Harry was getting so distracted by everything and unfocused. I found this club and decided to give it a go. We’ve been coming the Wythall & District GSD Club for six weeks now and we’re both going to keep on coming. The training is excellent, it is informative and very helpful. There is a great atmosphere. Harry comes away focused and happy. I am looking forward to taking part in the dog show at the carnival and charity day, it should be a lot of fun for owners and their dogs.”

Wythall & District GSD Club Trainer June Price, with Matthew Downes and Harry. The dog show and carnival. Booking in for the dog show starts at 12.30 dog show, judging starts at 1pm. Carnival officially opens at 2pm and will include a doggie parade of winners. The 15th August dog show is open to all dogs over the age of 6 months, there are obedience classes, fun novelty classes, and breed classes plus a fun obstacle course. All entries are only £1.00. Plus there is a village carnival on site with the Cumberland Giants plus music, stalls and a Classic Car show. Withal & District GSD Club works with all German Shepherd Dogs including rescue and problem dogs from the age of 6-8 months.

Julia Murdock who will be a Judge on the day and expert Dog Trainer at Wythall and District GSD club said, "We work with a lot of so rescue or called problem dogs. Most of them don’t really have problems but it may be that they just don’t like other dogs. We give them the opportunity to socialise and have fun while dog and owner become more disciplined and capable of focusing and being handled better. We welcome all German Shepherds, we have Black, White, Black and tan dog members. We never turn a dog away. We always enjoy organising and taking part in the Wythall Dog Show and Carnival day it’s a fun way of showcasing the good work of our members and trainers and of course it’s a way of supporting the local community.” Dogs and their owners are invited to turn up at 12.30pm on Sun 15th August at Wythall Park, 52 Silver Street, Wythall. Birmingham West Midlands, B47 6LZ.

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For further information on Wythall & District GSD contact Julia Murdock by email jmurd@blueyonder.co.uk For further information on Wythall Dog show and Carnival go to their website Notes to Editors Wythall GSD training methods involve the use of toys and tit-bits to encourage Shepherds to want to learn, rather than have to learn. Having said this we don't let them get away with blue murder and still believe in being in control. Lessons are broken up with lots of play for the dogs to try and keep them interested. We don't like to see them looking bored and doing flat heelwork. Providing the temperament of the Shepherd is OK we encourage them to socialise on lead. The younger dogs are allowed to run together in starter class, this improves their socialising skills and also the handlers ability to get the dogs to return when there are numerous distractions. Our main aim is obedience training with a pet perspective, We also have full scale agility equipment, and encourage the Shepherds to use it from an early age.


WHERE WE DO IT Wythall Community Association; Silver Street; Wythall; Birmingham B47 6LZ (Approx 4 miles from junction 3 off the M42)

WHEN WE DO IT Sunday morning start times: Starter class begins at 10:00am until 10:45am. Stages 1-5 start at 10:45am. Thursday evenings all classes start at 7:30pm
Mrs Catherine Clarke


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