Q. Can I include a picture or logo with a submission?
A. Yes make contact with the submission form and Wythall.Info will get back in touch with you and supply a link to send a picture or logo in.
Q. Can I submit hand written copy?
A. No not unless there are exceptional circumstances - can Wythall.Info accept copy except via electronic means.
Q. Is Wythall.Info strictly for Wythall?
A. No submissions from businesses on the borders of Wythall are perfectly acceptable but the idea is to keep the content "local" so if you have a business in Wolverhampton there would have to be some exceptional reason to be included.
Q. Can I suggest a category?
A. Yes please do.
Q. How do I make a correction?
A. Yes on the page requiring the change submit the change.
Q. Do I have to supply my name?
A. Yes but if you prefer not to have your details revealed please state that.
Q. I do not have an email address - can I still supply copy?
A. Yes but please supply a landline telephone number in case we need to verify any details.
Q. Can I print off the pages?
A. Yes but may have problems with Microsoft Internet Explorer - Wythall.Info has - but if you use Firefox Wythall.Info has achieved good results using that. You can download Firefox for free from this link.
Q. I would like to advertise where can I find the rate card?
A. Please follow this link rate card.


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