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Forhill Picnic Place

Opposite The Peacock Inn you will find the entrance to the Car Park just of Icknield Street - an ancient track who's mark across the land can be clearly see from the sky (try Google Earth if you have a suitable computer). Icknield Street which dates back to Roman times was once the main road between Birmingham and London.

Whilst the car park is approximately 8 miles from the centre of Birmingham with fields all around you really feel in the heart of the countryside.

Earlswood Lakes

Earlswood lakes comprises three lakes;-

Engine Pool - very popular with anglers often hosts fishing competitions at weekends
Windmill Pool - hosts both sailing and angling
Terry's Pool - season ticket holders only

It is possible to walk round the lakes with care - in winter it can be muddy and in summer the vegetation can over grow the paths - that said it is a wonderful place for a countryside walk.

Earlswood Lakes Craft Centre

Just a short walk from Earlswood Lakes is a craft centre which boasts a wide variety of interesting businesses and provides an entertaining venue to look round and have some refreshment.


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